The Muslim American Society (MAS) in NY is a religious, charitable, social, cultural, and educational not-for-profit organization. It is a pioneering Islamic organization that uplifts the individual, family, and society. It is a leading grass roots movement with long history, comprehensive programs, and extensive network of chapters and regional offices/centers across America. MAS operation/work is Godly, principled, transparent, legal, and independent. MAS NY serves its community regardless of race, religion or gender. It has over 50 chapters nation wide and is the largest grassroots Muslim organization in America, with its offices, community centers, youth centers and schools. The MAS New York Chapter has the largest, and most active, youth Center in Bath Avenue, Brooklyn, across the street from precinct 63.

The activities of MAS NY include soccer tournaments with Muslims and non—Muslims i.e. the NYPD soccer team, boy and girl scouts programs – that have been active for the last six years and are part of the New York branch. MAS NY’s excellent image and good standing with its neighbors in all places of worship, community and youth centers of MAS across the nation is a reflection of the real Muslim American identity. MAS believes that the safety of America is its safety because we are Americans.

The strength of MAS, and all its chapters, nationwide comes from the depth of which it emerged from, and the diversity it houses. MAS does not have any ties with foreign organizations or governments. Its mission adopts mainstream elements from major and Islamically sound movements. Ultimately, MAS’s mission is to benefit its community and the overall society of the US.

MAS NY is funded by its diverse members through membership and private donations. Abiding by the US Legal system, that permits Americans citizens to exercise full civic and political rights, MAS does not discriminate or reject the legal system and accepts those who have proven to be at the level of responsibility. MAS is proud to have among its members and leadership those who have the experience and the ability to extend the work of MAS to all of society and not only Muslims.