Outreach Department


MAS NY Outreach 

Clarity Through Action. Transforming lives and minds with one act of kindness at a time.

MAS NY’s Outreach department engages in high impact activities that transform society’s image of Islam. Our work continues to bring hope and transform minds, through acts of kindness, diversity, and mutual respect. We use the Quran and Sunnah as inspirations to guide our members to give back to the communities in which they live.  MAS Outreach members are inspired by their love for their religion and their understanding of their responsibility to serve their people and humanity. 

Our efforts are always focused on reaching out to our surrounding neighbors, based on need, in the form of aid, food, medical care, and clothing. Beyond that, we strive to bring joy and relief to the hearts of the ill, both young and old, with gifts and visits as part of our duty as Muslims.  Many negative images of Islam may be shown to the public, but for every negative one we intend to put out a positive one that shows Islam in its true light. We know that through this and with the help of Allah (SWT), we can continue to change the image of Islam in NY and even the nation.


  • Hospital Visits
  • Soup Kitchens
  • Plant a Tree
  • Udhiyah Drive
  • Back to School Bonanza & Giveaway
  • Rallying for Causes We Care About
  • Interfaith Dinners

Signature Programs

  • MAS NY Food Pantry– Did you know that 41% of New York families are food insecure? MAS Volunteers across NYC collect, pack and distribute 1800+ lbs of meat and nonperishable items to families in need of all backgrounds. Our pantry is the first Muslim Pantry that is city-wide. MAS believes that every community should have access to healthy and sustainable meals for their families. We will be adding a third location in the upcoming months. With your support, we can open up more locations and provide even more healthy and sustainable meals for New Yorkers in need!
  • Revert Reconnect Program – This project was established to bring together those who have embraced Islam (Reverts) with those who have always known the deen, uniting them much the same way that Allah (SWT) united Al-Muhajireen and Al-Ansar (The Helpers). In this way, we hope to “Reconnect” to Islam, by educating, as well as, reminding one another of our sole purpose in this life, which is to Worship only Allah.
  • Know Thy Muslim Neighbor