promoting good through engagement.

MAS PACE NY strives to engage society and promote good by:

  • Inspiring people of faith into responsible action

  • Establishing a clear and proper image of Islam and Muslims through the development of comprehensive and structured programming

  • Developing religious, communal, and educational programs that are relevant and up to date

  • Offering opportunities for workshops that facilitate dialogue for private and public audiences

  • Integrating positive efforts in social cooperation and collaboration

  • Encouraging service-oriented projects through faith based initiatives

  • Fostering relationships with Muslim organizations

In order to fully understand the objectives of the MAS PACE initiatives, we must emphasize the predicament of American Muslims and all Muslims living in the West. They must work at participating in bringing Islam to the world stage not as a civilization that clashes with the West, but as a phenomenon with purpose and mission. It is in the principles of Islam that Muslims strive to bring responsibility and justice to society and not to remain indifferent or complacent.

American Muslims need to become part and parcel of the religious fabric of America collectively. They should be seen as vital and valid factors in America and be recognized as genuine and sincere elements in society representing truth and justice. American Muslims must transform into trusted citizens of the American scene as wells as with and among fellow citizens of humanity.

MAS PACE strives to model Islam after the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) and facilitate dialogue that is more than just conversation but is collaborative and cooperative in interfaith activities and all kinds of civic engagement. MAS PACE NY explicitly seeks the ways to inspire and mobiblize the communities in which we live and belong.